LiveTrade Token (LTD)

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LiveTrade Token (LTD)

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LiveTrade Token is a digital token used to cover trading fees, compensate traders/investors for their successful strategies, reward content contributors and access advanced features in the LiveTrade ecosystem.

LTD tokens will be issued in compliance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation S exemption (for offshore sales of equity securities of the U.S.). Holders will enjoy the privilege to access premium features for holding a certain volume of LTD for a certain time, voting rights on the company’s decision to project listing on DIPO, and a more favorable interest rate for both staking and borrowing features, thus reinforcing the value of and the demand for our LTD tokens.

LiveTrade ecosystem:

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LiveTrade LTD is a FinTech company established in Delaware, U.S in 2019, with the goal of becoming a hub connecting the worldwide financial markets. They provide diversified financial and commercial services as well as technology and legal support to the customers wishing to engage in the vibrant international market.

LiveTrade believes in the democratization of investing and trading, making financial markets accessible and reliable for everyone (not only for tech-savvy users and experienced traders and investors). LiveTrade will tailor its products to the needs of individual and business clients, ensuring both enjoy improved accessibility to transacting in multiple types of assets. LiveTrade’s products and features include DIPO (Digital Initial Private Offering), Digital Asset Banking, and LiveTrade App – a mobile platform for decimal and 24/7 stock trading with zero commission fee.

LiveTrade has filed an application for a patent as well as registered the trademark for DIPO – our exclusive method of facilitating capital raising and investment with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Le Pham
Sem Kokhuis
Lead Product Designer
Ana Ismaili
Chief Marketing Officer
Trang Tran
Head of Communication
Nathan Vu
Front-End Team Leader
Tuan Nguyen
Full-stack Engineer Nhat Vu
Tri Hoang
Software Engineer
Bao Vo
Senior UI/UX Designer
Toan Juno
Senior UX/UI Designer
Tri Nguyen
Software Engineer
Andrey Shypunov
STO Advisor
Rumen Zapryanov
Strategic Trading Advisor
Tung Nguyen
Defi Expert – Advisor



The LTD tokens will be utilized in LiveTrade’s three core products and services: DIPO, Digital Asset Baking, and the LiveTrade App, from serving as the main base for transactions and conversions, growing user base, accessing various premium features, to incentivizing community sharing and value creation through a dynamic reward system.

The token and its associated structures aim to create an unending cycle that will continue to support the growth of the LiveTrade platform and the benefits of token holders.

A total of 500,000,000 (Five hundred million) LTD tokens are scheduled to be gradually released over a 4-year period. This amount will be allocated with the ratio below to ensure the long-term development of LiveTrade, in which the total tokens issued at the initial launch is 95,000,000 (Ninetyfive million), accounting for 19%.

Except for the public sale amount, all tokens under other allocation items will be released over a predefined period based on the smart contracts, ensuring transparency and stability. For details of the release schedule, please refer to the LTD Token Whitepaper.



Project ended

Start date
End date
LiveTrade Token (LTD)
Type of offerings
Utility token
Token price
TBD by Auction
Payment methods
USDT (on Bami Protocol), VIDB (on VNDC Launchpad)
Form of repayment
Capital gains
Rate of return
United States
Restricted area
North Korea, United States