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BDS is an ERC-20 token merged with all the technical standards developed on the basis of Ethereum. This token is designed to not only represent but also to be used and redeemed for all the features and activities in the BIG ecosystem.

While previous real estate tokenizations projects focused only on the direct ownership of one underlying property, BDS is the core of a whole ecosystem and equipped with a variety of features and functions. Thereby, instead of benefiting from one single property, holders are also entitled to enjoy the value of several projects as well as utilities and services in the system.

The token offering aims at attracting investments for existing and future real estate projects of the BIG ecosystem and offering extra benefits to clients using services and products offered by the ecosystem. The token works as an effective investment tool for clients of all magnitude.

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BDS Holding LLC is a Georgia-based company established with the mission to become the pioneer in integrating technology into real estate investments and business. The Company selects Vietnam as its first target market because of the country’s favorable investment conditions along with policy incentives from the Government in blockchain technology applications as the country makes adjustments to proactively participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Therefore, BDS Holding decided to partner with Big Group, a technology-oriented real estate incorporation in Vietnam, to boost the investment into construction projects and develop a multi-feature ecosystem for this market.

Throughout the course of ten years of operations, Big Group has been successfully building a crowdfunding model for the real estate community. This model enables investors with small capital and limited resources to collectively invest in well-planned projects, directed and advised by leading experts. This helps to utilize decades of experience and knowledge of the specialists, leverage the resources of the whole community, minimize the risks of individual investments, and create opportunities for individual and institutional investors with modest capital and lack of experience in the field.

The BIG ecosystem is integrated with essential features such as depositing capital into real estate projects in small batches, renting and leasing houses, apartments, offices and premises, registering training courses on investment, and connecting with other users in the ecosystem for benefit sharing.

The success of Big Group with this model is solid evidence for its distinctive capability in the technologization of real estate, promising to assist the Company in implementing projects, enhancing investment efficiency and contributing elegant works for the country.

Explore and participate in Big Group’s real estate community at:

To adapt to the 4.0 Industrial Revolution and widely introduce the proven-successful real estate crowdfunding model, BDS Holding issues the BDS token and coordinates with Big Group to broaden the features and applications of the token. Any investor can now participate in a wide range of projects and enjoy great profits from the vast ecosystem.

Vo Phi Nhat Huy
Investment Advisor
Kieu Van Khoa
Investment Advisor
Tran Dinh Tu
Strategic Advisor
Ly Ngoc Son
Legal Advisor
Luong Hoang Hung
PR Advisor
Vuong Le Vinh Nhan
Technical Advisor


BDS Whitepaper: VieEng

BDS Token Terms: VieEng

BDS Confidential Private Placement Memorandum: Available to qualified investors only.

BDS Token Subscription Agreement: Available to qualified investors only.

Contact us for private documents.

BDS Holding will authorize Big Group to use the proceeds from token offerings to invest in specific projects from time to time and to develop the BIG ecosystem.

Upon each token sale, full information about the ongoing project will be presented by the Company to provide investors with a better understanding of the Company’s operation purposes and smart investment plans, thereby winning their trust and making them long-term companions of the BIG ecosystem. The prominent strengths of Company lie in its powerful team of specialists with extreme expertise in various fields, based on which all real estate projects will be assessed, in terms of both profitability and effectiveness, before making an investment decision. Hence, the risks are reduced and the efficiency is enhanced – a result that all small-scale investors want from their investments.

Furthermore, additional features will be developed in the system as well as in the general market to ensure that the token value is always parallel with its applicability. At the same time, offline marketing events will be conducted in big cities and provinces across the country to attract the attention of the community and create a great resonance for the BIG system among real estate investors. These events enable users to experience the features of the BIG ecosystem for free, by which they will perceive long-term benefits, leading to their participation in the investment community.

With its steady growth over the past decade, the BIG ecosystem has proven its efficiency and the wisdom of the leaders and advisors in appraising, implementing and managing investors’ capital at the criterion of sharing benefits.

With the aspiration that everyone can enjoy the value of real estate, the Company designed BDS token as the foundation for all activities in its system. As the Company conducts more offerings for its future projects, the utilities of the token will also be developed, not only in the BIG ecosystem of Big Group but also on domestic and foreign investment and payment networks.

In the initial offering, a total of 3,000,000 (Two million) BDS tokens will be distributed under the DIPO, in which only 400,000 tokens are offered via the DIPO feature now integrated into the VNDC Wallet Pro application. These very first tokens are specially offered to investors who have been supporting the BIG ecosystem. The token’s price is expected to increase along with the business growth and will be valued at market price in subsequent offerings. In addition, the Company will extend the preferential policies and benefits for holders during this first stage, making this initial offering the best opportunity to own BDS tokens and enjoy maximum benefits.


Project ended

Start date
End date
Type of offerings
Utility token
Token price
20,000 VND
Payment methods
Fiat, Stablecoins
Form of repayment
Rate of return
12% (expected)
United States
Restricted area
North Korea