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DIPO stands for Digital Initial Private Offering, another alternative for businesses to connect to trustworthy investors and get access to the funds they need for business expansion.
“D” means Decentralized, Direct, Decimal and Digitalized. For detailed explanation, please refer to Link file DIPO
With DIPO, businesses can access new capital based on their current equity. Lower upfront fees, higher chances to be qualified and a guarantee of free cash flow are the attraction of this new financing method. And the greatest plus is that with DIPO, businesses are debt-free!
Upon a business applies for DIPO, LiveTrade will review and evaluate their investment quality. LiveTrade then creates digital shares based on the value of the business and offer them on our exchange for investors to assess and decide whether to invest or not. As a DIPO project is executed, investors acquire shares while the business obtains their needed capital for development. Such shares can be traded on LiveTrade Exchange freely.
LiveTrade acknowledges the value of SMBs and their contribution to the economy as a whole. We ask to become a part of your business by obtaining a small proportion of your equity and grow with you. We realize your potentials and we look forward to mutual benefits for your business, our investors and us. LiveTrade believes in win-win.
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