Slide Digital Initial Private Offering Your Advanced & Unique Financial Solutions

Slide Digital Initial Private Offering Your Advanced & Unique Financial Solutions

Connecting Finance and Technology

Digital Initial Private Offering is a new solution dedicated by LiveTrade for SMBs to widen the range of investors to obtain fast and easy capital by leveraging blockchain technology and financial knowledge into one single system.

DIPO enables SMBs to approach abundant resources of capital, quickly earning the funds needed for business expansion.
With an aim to be complied with SED, DIPO ensures the transparency and security needed for every participant of the marketplace.
We provide investors with new investment tools and options that promise the finest returns and growth potential.
Blockchain technology allows trades to be settled into investors’ and SMBs' bank accounts within minutes instead of days.

We are dedicated to satisfy clients

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind.

We connect markets with simplicity and transparency

We connect markets with simplicity and transparency

What we have achieved so far

Growing your businesses is our business.

$ 1 M+

Capital Raised


Successful Projects

1 +

Investors connected

1 +


Don't just ignore the chance

Whether you are a business owner with exceptional growth potential

Uncover your products and grab the once-in-a-lifetime chance to shoot up! DIPO will help you to exhibit your ideas to investors as well as promoting your business.

Or you’re a financier who just don’t know where to put money in

Empower the sprouting of our DIPO projects and be entertained by your rewards. Being a SEC-compliant solution, DIPO thrives to satisfy all the strictest regulations of the jurisdictions we want to reach and open up a better environment for all individual and institutional investors.

Quick and easy

capital resources

repayment options

investing options

investment market

Good chance
of returns

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Our most honorable partners


We thrive to expand our network so that every SMB and Investor get to approach mutual long-term success.

GMarks Corp

  • 14+ years of experience
  • 400 companies & projects
  • Exclusive consultancy model from Singapore
  • Profound finance and investment background
GMarks Vietnam specializes in business consultancy & development with a team of professional consultants in various professional fields. GMarks offers multiple services, from basic research and survey to full-scale premium consultancy.

VNDC Stablecoin

  • 1st stablecoin of Vietnam
  • Ranking 2nd in terms of stablecoin holders
  • Popular exchange gate between crypto & VND fiat
  • 220.000 wallet address holding VNDC
Established in June 2019, VNDC is currently the most trustworthy exchange gate for the blockchain community in Vietnam, offering multiple features such as Credit Line and Staking Daily as well as new investment options for potential investors.